Joyner’s Dream is the sweeping story of a family and its dubious legacy: an abiding love of music coupled with a persistent knack for thieving. Beginning in England in the 1780s, continuing in Halifax at the time of the Great Explosion, and ending in Toronto in the present, eight larcenous generations from all walks of life—craftsmen and highwaymen, aristocrats and servants, lawyers and B-movie actors—are connected by music, a secret family journal and one long-lived violin.
When the branches of the family are reunited and lingering secrets are revealed, we have come full circle in a hugely satisfying and surprising tale.This multi-generational story—told in a spellbinding series of historical voices—abounds in such rich social detail and sharply rendered characters, it affords the deep reading pleasures to be found in the novels of Charles Dickens and Thomas Hardy.

A musical CD can also be purchased that relates to the stories in the book can be purchased from Zunior
under the title Joyner's Dream

Sylvia Tyson - Joyner's Dream - The Kingsfold Suite
The 2011 release from Canadian folk legend, Sylvia Tyson.

Song Clips
01. Sylvia Tyson - La Fille du Roi
02. Sylvia Tyson - The Dancing Mare
03. Sylvia Tyson - Old Horse
04. Sylvia Tyson - A Pair of Blue Eyes
05. Sylvia Tyson - The Downcast Lover
06. Sylvia Tyson - Roll of the Dice
07. Sylvia Tyson - Rakehelly
08. Sylvia Tyson - My Darling Evelynda
09. Sylvia Tyson - Columbine
10. Sylvia Tyson - Bring the Glad Tidings
11. Sylvia Tyson - All I Know/Conquerall