Cindy Church


High Country Soul

Cindy Church has been a leading figure in Canada's roots music scene for two decades. In 1987, she co-founded the traditional country trio Great Western Orchestra which recorded a remarkable eponymous album for Sony Music Canada in 1989.

Originally from Bible Hill, Nova Scotia, Cindy's musical influences were primarily country and traditional music. "I grew up in a country music household," she says. "Strictly Hank Snow, Kitty Wells, and Jean Shepard."

Like the other Quartette members, Cindy maintains her own solo career. She has released three solo CDs—“Love On The Range" (1994) "Just A Little Rain" (1995), and the self-titled"Cindy Church" (1996).

Cindy also performs with two other groups, Lunch at Allen's (with Murray McLachlan, Ian Thomas and Marc Jordan), and performs with “The Nearness of You," a tribute to songwriter Hoagy Carmichael also featuring Joe Sealy and George Koller.

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"....there's no mistaking the Alberta-based folk/country singer's precise, bell-like voice. Once you hear it, you will know immediately who it is."

"Cindy Church has that special magic to be able to attract an ear with her clear, plaintive, high country vocal delivery. It' s a spellbinding experience to listen to her create vocal imagery with her singing.

"Cindy Church, Nathan Tinkham and I have been singing and playing together off and on for ten years. In that time, I've watched Cindy develop into just about the best song stylist around, while Nathan's guitar-playing is original and decisive.

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Cindy Church