Quartette CDs
Quartette, self-titled
1.  The Circle  
3.  Unabashedly Blue 
5.  Neon Cowboy 
7.  Hard Times
9.  Lost Between Barren Shores  
11. Hobo Girl
13. Red Hot Blues 
2.  Denim Blue Eyes
4.  Soul To The Bone 
6.  It Never Rains On Me 
8.  Cowboys And Rodeos
10. Papere's Mill 
12. When God Dips His Pen
of Love in my Heart

14. King Of The Cowboys 
Self-titled premiere CD
Work of the Heart
Work of the Heart
1.  Runaway Heart
2.  No Place Like Home
3.  Inspiration 
4.  Spring of '45
5.  This She Knows
6.  When I Can Read My
Titles Clear
 7.  The Best Is Yet To Come
 8.  Piece by Piece
 9.  Alison Lives By The Big Bend
10. Street Of  The Mariachi 
11. Just Like A Woman
12. The Promised Land 

Quartette's well-received second CD
It's Christmas
It's Christmas
1.  It's Christmas  
2.  Holy Christmas Night 
3.  Now It's Christmas
4.  O Come, O Come Emmanuel  5.  When Was Jesus Born
6.  A Christmas Dream
7.  The Angels Wept 
8.  This Year My Christmas Wish
is Mexico
9.  What Child Is This  10. Christmas Came Early
11. Hush Baby Jesus 
12. Silent Night
A joyous blend of voices



In the Beauty of the Day
In the Beauty of the Day
1.  I Don't Want to Cry
2.  Me and My Love and I
3.  Sentinel Crow
4.  In the Beauty of the Day
5.  Ask Me
6.  All Things Can Change
7.  E.Z.
8.  I Don't Believe I Do Believe
9.  A Love That Just Won't Stray
10. I Walk These Rails
11. Long Chain of Love
12. Rain on the Highway
I See A Star
I See A Star
Quartette's 2nd
Christmas CD
1. I See a Star
2. Message from Mary
3. Santa, Please
4. Hope, Peace, Joy and Love

5. Three Wise Men
6. In the Bleak Midwinter

7. The Miracle of Christmas
8.  Snowflakes from Heaven
9.  Send Someone for Me
10. A Christmas Waltz
11. O Holy Night
12. The Perfect Christmas Tree

13. Sans Day Carol
14. All Through the Night
O Canada
O Canada
O Canada (MP3)
Free Download
 Quartette's rendering of the Canadian national anthem in beautiful 4 part harmony
Down at
the Fair

Down at the Fair
1. Down at the Fair
2. Twenty Shades of Blues
3. That's What You Always Say
to My Heart
4. Where Love Lies
5. All These Things Are You
6. Who's Foolin' Who
7. Nothing Can Make the World Right Again
8.  Tell My Lord
9.  Sing a Song of Sadness
10. My Invitation
11. Marie Antoinette
12. I Mean What I Say
13. I Can't Wait

Rocks and Roses

a bonus retrospective disc of Quartette classics "20 Years of Quartette".

Rocks and Roses

1. Rocks and Roses
2. First Love Waltz
3. Cry Baby
4. All I know/Conquerall
5. I'll Keep You In My Heart
6. Sweet Agony
7. Arkansas Travelogue
8. Holding You
9. Wilderness
10. Song For A Winter's Night

20 Years of Quartette

1. The Circle
2. Me and My Love and I
3. Hobo Girl
4. Spring of '45
5. A Love That Just Won't Stray
6. I Don't Want To Cry
7. All Things Can Change
8. A Christmas Waltz
9. A Road Less Travelled
10. No Place Like Home